The Gateway Opens in :
Oct 6 - Oct 7 Seoul  /  Oct 11 - Oct 14 Online

The World’s Gateway into Korea’s latest Innovation

Korea’s Largest Global Startup Partnering Event

The Gateway
Opens in
Oct 6 - Oct 7 Seoul
Oct 11 - Oct 14 Online

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Interested in Korea’s latest innovations and startups? InnoGate is the place to be! Every year InnoGate brings Korean innovators who’s ready to take their services to overseas.
Come check out cutting-edge Korean technology and startups, hear what they have to offer, meet up with them, and discover new business opportunities!

InnoGate 2021 Recap


Over 500 business partnering meetings happened during InnoGate 2021, discovering new possibilities of partnerships!


Close to 600 participants had participated in InnoGate 2021. Participants include startups, global companies, VCs, CVCs, Government officials and more.


Participants have joined InnoGate 2021 from over 25 countries, making InnoGate truly a global startup event. Participants' countries include USA, Canada, France, UK Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and more.


Investors from all over the world had participated in InnoGate 2021. Some of the major players include Goldman Sachs, Vertex Holdings, ADIO to name a few.


Over 100 open innovation challenges from global corporations, such as Verizon, SB Telecom, Philips and more, were introduced during InnoGate 2021.



Oct. 6th, Thurs

Catch up global startup trends and steal industrial insights and strategies from experts from all over the world


Oct. 7th, Fri

Come see for yourself Korean innovators pitch their ideas in front of global corporations and major investors from all over the world

Online Showcase

Oct. 11th - 14th

InnoGate might be the only chance where you can see every Korean startups who’s ready to take their ideas abroad. Join us and get a chance to listen to startups of your interest what they have to offer you.

Why Korea?

One of the most innovative
countries in the world

One of the easiest countries
in the world to start a business

One of the most attractive countries
for VC/PE investors

Sustainable Growth
with Innovative Korea

Innovator’s DNA of Korea

Open Innovation with Korea

KOTRA has been proud partner of many global corporations and helped them to find right technology and innovative solutions through InnoGate